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ZenPen Cured Resin All In One

Disposable Rechargeable Pen

ZenPen Cured Resin All In One


Cured resin is a cannabis concentrate made from cured and dried cannabis buds. Cured cannabis is flower which has been dried first, then stored in an airtight container for some time (usually a few weeks). This allows the terpenes and cannabinoids to ‘mature’ in a humidity-controlled environment.

Curing is sometimes an overlooked step in the process, but it’s a necessary one in terms of how it can make for a more refined experience when consuming the flower. During this process, chlorophyll continues to break down. It changes the flavour of cannabis to a more terpene-dominant one and less like a plant taste.

The curing process changes the moisture levels of the cannabis. It results in the degradation of some of the terpenes, leaving fewer monoterpenes and more sesquiterpenes.

In the case of cured resin, after buds are cured, they are processed in a solvent which uses heat and pressure to extract a terpene ‘sauce’.

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