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Products and Services

Wholesale Premium Extracts

From seed to store shelf, our extracts are meticulously prepared by our team of experienced growers and extraction technicians.  Analytical research and in-house strain genetics has allowed our extracts to provide you with premium cannabis extracts.  Our collection includes the highly sought after solventless waxes and vape cartridges!

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Printing Services

Don't have the printer required to label your plants or inventory? We do!  New Mexico works with BioTrack as their traceability system.  BioTrack only works with certain printers.  They are costly for those entering the industry.  We are here to help you get your tags printed and your inventory identified!

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Graphic Design and Marketing

Looking to build your brand? Our award winning graphic design services meet all your professional cannabis compliant packaging and marketing needs.

We use our in-house design experts to stay up to date with  visually appealing and cutting edge imagery. Your cannabis brand is in safe, reliable hands when you choose our design team. 

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Harvest Services

Looking at all your beautiful flowers and wondering how you'll tackle all of that mass?  We are here to help!  Our team of harvest masters are ready to show you our methods out in the field all the way through to the curing step.  We operate our equipment, you handle your material.  Feel in control and free to keep building your wholesale connections with reliable quality flower!

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Genetics Consultation

Need seeds, seedlings, or clones?  Our geneticist and master grower have worked together to create highly sought after strains with cannabinoid totals over 30%. We focus on strengthening genetics allowing us to compete with top producers.  Choose Botanix for your genetics and be confident that you are receiving the highest quality available.

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Equipment Training

Do you have your own extraction equipment?  Let us train your staff!  We have qualified scientists who are able to train your team.  We specialize in many extraction and post extraction methods.  Training is via video conference or take advantage of our in-person services that will allow a more hands-on experience.

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