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How Much CBD Should I Take?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

How much CBD Should I take, How to take CBD, CBD dosage guidelines

Looking for the right dose of CBD can be a maddening experience. We hope to clear up some of the confusion here. With a world of ways to use CBD, it's no wonder there are so many different dosages. Eating CBD works differently than putting it on your skin. It also works differently when you smoke it compared to sublingually taking some oil and holding it in your mouth. The main goal here is to figure out the right dose for you, which will take some very conscious awareness of how you feel before and after you take a dose. Always start small and work your way up.

Choosing the Right Dose

There are many variables involved when choosing the right dose of CBD. These include your body condition, such as weight, the ailment and your individual body chemistry. Other variables include the route of ingestion chosen and the concentration of CBD found in the product. When working with these variables it is a good idea to discuss your options with a medical professional. Be sure to discuss any current medications you are taking, what an ideal starting dosage would be, and any potential risks given your body condition. Most doctors are knowledgeable about the subject. If you find yourself without much help, keep reading to find Botanix Ltd's dosage chart, found below, as a starting point. It is important to start with the lowest dose you think your body will respond to and move up by small increments from there. A small increment would be a 10-20% increase based on current dosage. Once you get to the point where you feel the relief in symptoms you were looking to achieve, stop there. You may need to adjust your dose every so often, but now you have a good starting point. Remember, route of ingestion is highly important when figuring out dosages. For instance, you can eat an edible with ten times more CBD than a vape pen would have, but since one goes through digestion, and the other straight to your bloodstream through your lungs, there will be a difference in dosage to get an effect.

How to Calculate Dosage

There are many products to choose from when exploring the world of CBD. One option is to choose a product that has single serving sizes already calculated for you. These options can include edibles, capsules, pills and more. These options give you a good starting point for their specific product. Other products include tinctures and CBD oils. These products are likely to come in a dropper bottle. Many companies will provide dosage information based on a full bottle, while others will break it down into drops for those looking for a very specific calculation of dose. To calculate the amount of CBD in a drop, simple math is involved. Don't be discouraged! One drop of oil is approximately = 0.5mL (milliliters), this is a standard calculation across all types of oil drops. Find the total volume listed on the bottle. Take that number in mL and divide it by 0.5mL to get your answer. This is how many drops are in that bottle. Now, let's do a separate math problem. Get the total CBD milligram dosage found on the bottle. Divide this number by the amount of drops you just figure out above. This will give you how many milligrams of CBD will be in each drop. When you know your target dosage, you can then take that number and divide it by the final mg of CBD per drop. This will give you a total number of drops you should be taking with that particular bottle of CBD tincture or oil.

Drop Dosage Calculation Examples:

Botanix Hemp Therapy Ultra Strength: 1,000mg CBD in a 15mL glass dropper bottle 15mL/ 0.5mL = 300 drops 1,000mg CBD / 300 drops = 3.33mg CBD per drop Target dosage: 30mg 30mg / 3.33mg CBD per drop = 9.1 drops or 9 drops of this blend Botanix Hemp Therapy Extra Strength: 500mg CBD in a 15mL glass dropper bottle 15mL/ 0.5mL = 300 drops 500mg CBD / 300 drops = 1.67mg CBD per drop Target dosage: 30mg 30mg / 1.67mg CBD per drop = 17.96 drops or 18 drops of this blend

Can You Take Too Much CBD?

There have been many studies and it would be best to research if you have concern about the amount you are taking as a dose. It is especially important to talk to your doctor or seek medical advice if you are taking any medications.

CBD Side Effects

The data on the side effects of CBD is limited but should be noted:

  • Fatigue, drowsiness or changes in alertness

  • Digestive Issues such as diarrhea

  • Changes in appetite

  • Changes in weight

  • Changes in mood, such as irritability and agitation

Other serious side effects:

  • Interactions with other medications

  • Damage that occurs when mixing alcohol or other depressants and CBD

  • Liver failure

Other Precautions when Looking at Products

There are countless local stores popping up, and most commonly, e-commerce outlets to purchase CBD products. Whether shipped straight to your home or picked up at the local convenience store, it is best to know the quality of the product you are purchasing. Certified products with COAs (Certificate of Analysis) are much more trustworthy than those without. Products that have these completed will be within legal parameters set by local agricultural governments to test for pesticides, residues, molds and metals. Products can also have other ingredients that should be clearly identified and labeled for safety. Some products will contain fillers and artificial flavors that may have undesired effects on body health. Expiration dates on products and company contact information are all important things to keep an eye out for when purchasing CBD products. Consumer knowledge is key to finding the right product and CBD dosage for you.

Consult Your Doctor or Seek Medical Advice

As the science and understanding of CBD continue to develop, doctors and medical professionals are becoming more educated on how to help those with interest in CBD. Depending on local state laws, some may be able to provide you with information on brands as well as dosage. It is very important to discuss CBD with your doctor if you are taking any medications. There are a few interactions that will need to be monitored, but most find that they are able to try CBD without concern.


There are many things to consider when choosing a dose, as well as a product. Be sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Sometimes, talking to your doctor is the best place to start. Otherwise, keep knowledgeable about what you are putting into your body.

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Author: A.J. Varela, Biologist

Date: 01/13/21


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